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BravoVax QC Manager Became a Member of CAV Standardization Working Group

Author:博沃管理员    Release time:2022-10-09 17:00:00

Recently, Manager of Quality Control of BravoVax, Mr. Wang Wenhao, was elected as a member of Standardization Working Group of  CAV (China Association for Vaccines). He will represent BravoVax to work with CAV to promote standardization within the industry.


As an active member of CAV, BravoVax will enhance the communication with the association, promote the standardization of R&D and production of all vaccine products, and endeavor to provide high quality and affordable vaccines to the whole world!

China Association for Vaccines (CAV) was founded in September 2, 2019. It plays an important role in enhancing self-discipline of the vaccine industry, offering the guidance to enterprises in production and operation in accordance with the law.

There are 304 members that have joined in CAV, mainly in the research and development, production, distribution of vaccines and biological products, as well as upstream and downstream related services supporting enterprises, running through the whole industry chain of bio-pharmaceutical.

The purpose of the association is to serve the healthy China strategy, adhere to the people-centered development concept, always put people's health in the first place, and promote the development of vaccines and related biological products industry; actively participate in the safety management of vaccines and biological products, establish and improve industry self-discipline standards, promote the construction of industry integrity system, guide and urge enterprises to carry out production and operation activities in accordance with the law, and promote self-management, self-regulation, self-purification and self-improvement of the whole industry; strengthen communication and coordination between the industry and the government, expedite the implementation of industrial policies and relevant laws and regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, maintain fair competition and market order, actively promote scientific and technological innovation, optimize the allocation of resources, improve the quality of products and services, and promote industrial upgrading.