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Balance Between Work and Life

BravoBio does not encourage overtime work. Our overtime policy balances operational demands and employees' quality of life. Overtime work is only arranged when it is efficient, necessary and voluntary. To promote balance between work and life, a wide range of activities are organized at BravoBio. Apart from these, BravoBio arranges regular health checkups and seminars to promote healthy living. BravoBio advocates a “Happy Work, Cheer Life”, which helped the employees and their families cope better with work challenges and personal issues through professional counseling. The BravoBioers not only work hard, but also enjoy their life!

Comprehensive Compensation Package

BravoBio cares about our employees and employee welfare is important to us. Apart from complying with statutory requirements on basic benefits, we strive to enhance the quality of life for our employees. Different types of benefits are provided to employees in order to realize the target of balancing life and work. Labor Union is established in BravoBio and varieties of activities are held to enrich our employees’ life. 

BravoBio provides the following benefits to employees
  • Reading room

  • Team Building /Tourist Activity

  • Paid vacation

  • Talent training and further education assistance

  • Gift /Money for marriage and childbirth

  • Statutory Holiday Gifts

  • Transportation / Communication / Lunch subsidy / Free commuter

  • Annual bonus

  • Project bonus

  • Six Insurance and Housing Fund