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BravoBio was Awarded as Main Enterprise of Baoshan Innovative Vaccine Chain

Author:博沃管理员    Release time:2022-09-02 11:40:00

On September 1, 2022, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Baoshan District Government jointly hosted the unveiling ceremony of "Shanghai Innovative Vaccine Science and Technology Park". Dr. Wu Ke, CEO of BravoBio, was invited to attend the conference and BravoBio was awarded as one of the first main enterprises of Baoshan innovative vaccine chain.


The unveiling ceremony brought together leaders of relevant municipal departments and Baoshan District, industry experts and entrepreneurs to witness the establishment of Shanghai Innovative Vaccine Science and Technology Park. Shanghai Innovative Vaccine Science and Technology Park will focus on the requirements of promoting the high-quality development of the biopharma industry in Baoshan District, and striving to build a high-end vaccine manufacturing base and R&D innovation center with significant influence, with the main line of expediting original innovative achievements and breaking-through technology, as well as cultivating leading vaccine enterprises.